Friday, 28 February 2020

Churn Dash Quilt Block Pattern

Hello readers! The Churn Dash quilt block is such a simple but effective block. Always a classic. I have two construction methods to share with you today, regular machine-pieced or using English Paper Pieces, to keep all both camps happy ;-)

My inspiration came from some antique Churn Dash blocks I'd found on Etsy, they have a subtle pink gingham background with handsome 1800s reproduction prints. I'm just gathering ideas at the moment to give my sewing room a little spruce up so I thought some antique quilt blocks framed on the wall would be ideal decor. Then I realised ... wait I'm a quilter, I should probably make these myself?! And they sold, so I really had no choice.

The new Full Circle quilting fabric we have in stock at Sew & Quilt was just the ticket, couple that with the Pink Carolina Gingham I was in business! 

These blocks finish at 6-3/4" square (6-1/4" when into your quilt) so they would work well in a mini quilt, or adding as a border to a medallion quilt perhaps, or a whole quilt of these!

For the machine-pieced method, please follow the below steps;

For each Churn Dash block you will need to cut the following;

From background fabric (Pink)
(2) 4" squares
(5) 1-3/4" squares

From coloured fabric (Green)
(2) 4" squares
(4) 1-3/4" squares

Block Assembly
1. Place a 4" pink and green square right sides together. 
2. Draw a line from corner to corner along the diagonal.

3. Sew a 1/4" straight line from either side of the marked line. 
4. Rotary cut along the marked line. 

5. Press seams open. You will now have 4 HST units. 
6. Trim to 3" square.

7. Sew a 1-3/4" pink and green square together. Make 4 units total.
8. Press seams open. 

9. Your units are ready to sew together!

10. Follow the placement below for sewing each of the three rows. 
11. Sew the three rows together to complete the block. Press seams open. 

For the English Paper Pieced method, please follow the below steps;

English Paper Pieces
2-1/2" Half Square Triangle paper pieces | matching acrylic template
1-1/4" Square paper pieces | matching acrylic template

For each Churn Dash block you will need to cut the following (approximate sizing, which allows for acrylic cutting templates with 3/8" seam allowance);

From background fabric (Pink)
(2) 4" squares. Subcut diagonally to make (4) triangles.
(5) 2" squares

From coloured fabric (Dark Pink)
(2) 4" squares
(4) 2" squares

As a guide, from a UK sized fat quarter you can make approximately 7 blocks per fat quarter for the main coloured fabric (shown here as dark pink). With a US size fat quarter you can make 6 if you're accurate.

Block Assembly
1. Once you have cut your fabrics, baste your fabrics to the paper templates. I like to use the Sewline Glue Pen, but use your preferred method either glue or tacking. I have a detailed EPP basting tutorial if you needed more information.

2. Following the diagram below, assemble your block by sewing each row together using a whipstitch. I have a detailed tutorial on sewing EPP shapes together for further help on this topic.

3. Sew the three rows together to complete the block, easy peasy!

Fabrics used: Full Circle by Marcus Brothers and Pink Carolina Gingham by Robert Kaufman. Get all the quilting supplies on our site.

Thanks for sewing along with me! It's good to be back over here. Tag me on instagram @messyjesse1 or @sewandquilt so I can see your Churn Dash blocks.


  1. The churn dash is my favorite block. And I love how you have the one pictured on point! Hmmmm, a whole quilt of on-point churn dash? Maybe!
    Kathleen -- kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  2. Love this Jesse, thank you, especially using the paper pieces way ..

  3. Paints, whilst a little harder to use, are great for block colour and if you choose opaque fabric paints these are suitable for both light and dark coloured fabrics. fabric markers pens


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