Thursday 19 March 2020

Liberty Charm Square Quilt

Hello friends! How are you doing? During these tough times for so many of us I think keeping ourselves busy with our favourite hobby of quilting is one of the best things we can do :-) so here I am spreading the quilting cheer!

Robin cut these new 5" Liberty Tana Lawn Charm Squares a few months ago and we've just packaged up in these nice cellophane bags (we originally had them fanned out on cardboard, which took a crazy long time to do as you might imagine! Luckily, it just dawned on me to package them like this, so here they are! Finally back in stock!). Each pack includes (40) different Liberty prints in a rainbow colour selection, so you will have one happy looking quilt with these!

I did the math and drew up a few diagrams below for a quilt using two charm packs, so (80) 5" squares total. Your quilt top will finish approximately 36" wide x 45" long, which makes a nice cot or lap sized quilt.

Quilt Assembly
1. Trim and square up your 5" square's. We cut our charm packs a touch larger, to account for any miss-cuts so you can square up at home.

2. It will be an 8 x 10 block layout, so pull your first (8) squares, you can mix up how you like but I personally tend to gravitate choosing light / dark / light / dark etc. Squint your eyes, or take a photo on your phone and change the setting to black and white, so you can see the different values more clearly. 

3. (Using a 1/4" seam allowance) Sew your first row together. Press your seams in one direction.
4. Continue to make 10 rows total. Press seams to one side, alternating from the row above. This allows for seam nesting when you sew the rows together and creates lovely flat seams on the back of your quilt.

5. Sew the rows together. Join in pairs and then continue to add bigger sections until you have one quilt top piece.

6. Give the quilt top a good press, pressing seams open and flat as you go.

7. Finish your quilt in the usual fashion. You will need 1/2 yard of fabric for binding (with some leftover). Cut (5) 2" width of fabric strips, sew together in one continuous binding strip, sew to your quilt top and fold under to the backside of the quilt and hand sew in place with a blind-stitch.

Happy sewing folks, lots of love to you all.


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