Saturday 12 July 2014

Farmer's Wife Quilt: Week 122

Yes you read that right, I'm into my 122'nd week of being a Farmer's Wife! I actually bothered to count back from when I started. Yikes. If that's not a motivator to get my butt in gear I'm not sure what is!? This week are blocks; #40 Friendship Block / #42 Fruit Basket.

Since I'm now making the blocks in number order (as apposed to picking and choosing random one's previously) it's making it a lot easier to know where I am, next week I'll have a count up and see how many I've done! I love these two above, I used my first ever civil war print in the fruit basket block, it's so pretty! Notice the flowers all facing the same direction ;-) that was no accident… Hope you're all having a fun weekend. xo


  1. Great new blocks, you will soon work you way through them with this new method!
    Happy week!
    Helen xox

  2. Love your blocks and the color combinations used!!

  3. oh, those are just so pretty ! and perfect points too !
    i was thrilled to hear you mention civil war prints as i too am having a crush on them. but how hard they are to buy in this country... i go on american sites and drool at the rich prints but i can only ever find one or two from each range over here and the customs tax etc make it a prohibitive buy online. any chance of say Marcus Brothers supplying your lovely shop ??? x


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