Tuesday 1 April 2014

St Louis 16 Patch Quilt - For Sale

I've just finished up a loooong overdue work in progress, the St. Louis 16 Patch - remember that? The finished quilt top has been hanging over my door in the sewing room taunting me to finish for so long! I was getting a little anxious having this and three other unfinished quilt tops on the go at once I had an urge to get this done and dusted. It feels great to get it ticked off my list now. 

The finished top. Unfortunately my very tall photographing partner wasn't available for today's finished quilt photoshoot ;-)

This is my first quilt I'm offering to sell! So I'm hoping one of my lovely readers will find it a perfect new home. It's backed in the most perfect red cherry print by Pam Kitty Picnic, which might be my new favourite backing fabric now. I chose a red and white stripe for the binding, which is always such a classic and it's quilted in simple straight lines on either side of every seam. 

St Louis 16 Patch Quilt, Pattern by Sew With Sass
Fabrics used: Mostly a mix of Pam Kitty Love and Happy Go Lucky from Sew and Quilt
Measures: 81" x 67" 

Drop me an email to: hello@messyjesse.co.uk if you are interested in purchasing, thanks so much. xo


  1. It's gorgeous - well done on the finish. Time for more mini's then ;)?!

  2. Lovely! You've inspired me to get out my Pam Kitty Morning quilt and complete it.

  3. wow, this is really beautiful! did you sell it? wondering what it would run me if not? :-)

  4. Hi, I just found your blog :-)
    This quilt is gorgeous and very inspirational. I love the fabrics and colours.
    Tracey x

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