Wednesday 8 January 2014

Scrappy New Year!

New year, new quilt, that's what I say! Since my Scrappy Trips quilt this time last year (wow, where did that go?) I've felt another urge to sew up something scrappy and bright. I think it must have something to do with the new year and new beginnings perhaps? I may make this an annual tradition; January = scrappy quilt of sorts >.<

What I've been plotting is a rather large scale Irish chain - very much like this one. Though I'm not quite sure how big I plan on going! 
So... the blocks you see above are completely wrong! I drew up the design, pieced about 8 blocks or so, laid them out and realised I completely ballsed it up made a mistake! The white centres were too big so it didn't make the correct pattern. I can happily tell you since taking these photo's I have corrected the mistakes and I'm back on track ;) hey I guess these things happen to the best of us!? Once I've got the plans down 100% I will share it on the blog if you want to join in too. On the plus side, I've made a nice dent in my scrap pile.

Now I know I already have another Irish Chain quilt in the works, if you read my blog you may have remembered... well it's currently in the sewing room taking up far too much space. I'm tackling quilting it and it's going, well, slowly. very, very slowly actually. It's the biggest quilt I've done so It's quite a workout to wrestle it through the machine!

What are your sewing plans for the new year? Adding another project to the works, or finishing off quilts which have been laying around for months ... like I should be! xo


  1. I love the tradition January = scrappy quilt! My scrap stash could certainly use the help.

    Sending you great wishes for the new year and all your new projects!

  2. Looks just fab to me! Still working on my 2nd scrappy trip, and a whole range of other ideas buzzing around in my head too... if it all comes to fruition, it's going to be a very quilty year!
    Happy 2014,

  3. What beautiful makes!! Love all those pretty colors!! :) Wishing you a lovely day! xo Holly

  4. This will be beautiful, a great scrappy choice of fabrics. I am definitely trying to finish up a few projects, I need to clear some of the outstanding pieces from the first half of last year, as the second half was a bit thin on finishes! :o)

  5. I'm having a scrappy January too. Yours look fabulous as normal

  6. Lovely colours, nice and bright.

  7. Beautiful fabrics! I am always adding projects to the list! Happy sweet week to you! xo Heather

  8. You just can't beat scrappy can you? All those wonderful fabrics, so perfect. This will make one lovely quilt!

    S x

  9. I think we all make scrappy in January, not sure why, I think it's to do with everyone thinking resolutions, use up my stash, don't buy so much fabric, etc. I have a log cabin one on the go. Very slowly, mind as there are two other quilts in progress!

  10. ooo, nice ! although i bought all the scrappy fabrics from you last year for a scrappy round the world, not one square have i cut. very bad indeed and far too easily distracted... perhaps now is the time.
    happy new year xx

  11. An Irish chain is on my to do list!!!!


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