Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Filofax Original, A5

Yippee! Last week I got my brand spanking new Filofax A5 Original! Now this post may seem completely alien to some people - getting way too excited about an organiser! but rest assured there are ALOT of other Filofax and planner nerds out there, trust me... 

This is my first Filofax, but I got into using a planner last year when I had the Martha Stewart binder system. I felt I needed something to help me on track with things as I increasingly kept forgetting important dates while trying to keep up with the shop/blog/day jobs/house projects etc. and I need the physical element of 'writing things down' to help me remember, I couldn't cope with just an iPhone for organising myself?

The MS one worked great, and really got me into being more organised (most of the time) but the downside was that I bought it off Ebay as it's a U.S. only product and I couldn't get hold of the 2014 refills so I figured it was high time to switch it up to a British made Filofax so I could update my refills easily. Hooray!

The other reason I updated my MS binder was it got dirty, I mean *really dirty* from being thrown about in my handbag, so the first thing I did after setting it up - with DIY'ed dividers I will add ;) and generally admiring it for a little while, was make a dust-bag! 

Since the organiser is such a vibrant yellow I felt inspired to do a bit of a Kate Spade homage with stripes and dots in bright colours. I think it sets it off really well. I came up with the bag pattern myself as I wanted it to be a perfect fit for my A5. I took some photo's along the way and I'll share a little tutorial on the blog very soon. 

Here's to a organised 2014! How will you be staying organised and on track this year? xo


  1. Oh that is so cute. Love the matching bag too! Making me think I need a rather less dainty version for my beloved A4 daily planner, without which I cannot run my life...

  2. I think a filofax might have to become a part of my life! I just use a diary at the moment, but I think a filofax might be in order one day!
    Your dust-bag is amazing - it matches perfectly!! Before I'd read what you put, I thought to myself "wow, they come in a beautiful bag" - then I saw you made it! Perfect.
    Maria xx

  3. Gorgeous filofax and dust bag sounds awful for such a beautiful bag for it! And yes there are plenty of stationary pervs out there, me included!! :o)

  4. Such a cheery yellow organizer! I'm sure the color alone will help you stay motivated and on track all through 2014.

  5. That's fabulous and such a gorgeous colour! I've got a small filofax but I'm not sure I'd be able to fit everything in it now! Being organised is one of my goals for this year so I'll have to have another look at Filofaxes!!!

  6. What a lovely organizer!!! So, I wish you a very very busy year :)

  7. Very Kate Spade! Gorgeous colour and dainty too! I have to have my lists (a throwback to when I worked full time) so mine is a big Collins day to page monster - my hairdresser finds it hilarious when I turn up with it, I'm obviously not using the iPhone to its full potential :-) I use coloured pens too.

  8. Here, here! I'm an official planner nerd. I use the Franklin Covey and have for about 20 years now. Love love love it. It's my 2nd brain and when there are tornados flying around here in Texas, it's the first thing I grab when I run to the bathtub for cover :) Congrats!!

  9. That is beyond cute! The planner is the perfect color and the little bag is cool! I'm in search of a planner at the moment and really just don't know what to get.

  10. Oh I want divider templates too (not asking for much!)- I'm really tempted to get one, I tend to stick notes on all the vertical surfaces I have instead ;)

  11. So pretty, no wonder you want to protect it! I'm hanging in there with my phone for organisation at the moment, but I can definitely see the attraction of this, I kind of want to jump in to!

    S x

  12. I'm considering getting an A5 Filofax but I have no idea which one. Yours looks beautiful, especially in the yellow.


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