Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Latest Vintage Finds

One of the things I enjoy most about the summer is car-boot season! I love venturing through the aisles of cars, peeking through boxes and eyeing up the candy on offer, most of the time it's not great stuff but I can usually always count on bringing one sweet thing home to treasure :) ... Unfortunately it's not summer here at the moment, so I have to look forward to that in the coming months and raid the local charity shops instead, which is exactly what I did last week! In my favourite local one I scored these little beauties. 
Some amazing retro curtains with a cute kitchen print! (I loove anything kitchen design related!) I think they definitely date back to the 50s, but are in really good condition and have a great texture to them. I also got another great purple vintage sheet and matching pillowcases to add to the vintage fabric shop section. And not forgetting these pretty sewing patterns; vintage nightwear to channel my inner Doris Day and stuffed toys, just because ;)
Have you found any gems recently? p.s I've finished my Scrappy Trips quilt!! I'll be photographing it tomorrow so look out for a post very soon ;) Jessie, xo


  1. You just made me want to go shopping! My last find was an embroidery book (I think for the 60's) but that was too many months ago.

  2. My sister bought me a vintage sewing stool and when you lift the seat I has storage for notions and such , It has Sony trasures in it!! My favorites is a a needle book very retro made in Japan and a pack of English needles as well! I will be posting it on my blog soon! I just love your finds!

  3. I love that sleepwear pattern! It's always a good day when you score some great fabric at the charity shop.

  4. Great finds! That Simplicity pattern would be perfect for all the lovely voile available today.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your finished Scrappy Trip Along quilt. Exciting!

  5. Jess I am a lot older than you so you may not then be surprised to know that I owned that toy pattern many, many years ago!!! I made nearly everyone of the toys- the elephant was my favourite! I am jealous that you have it! I hope you use it to make something from it!

  6. Pretty new finds!!! xo Heather

  7. No fun finds or me, but that would be because I haven't left my home in weeks! =) Great sheet!!

  8. Great finds, the toys in that pattern look so quirky, especially the camel! The nightwear pattern looks like a good one too, although I initially thought it was a summer dress pattern when I first saw it. I suppose you could use it for either!
    No new charity shop signs recently, but a couple of years ago I got an entire bolt of thick pale blue satin-like upholstery fabric for £3. I used it to make a dress for a costume and I've still got loads left.

  9. I officially feel old. That stuffed animal pattern is the first sewing I did in home economics class. I made the rabbit. Thanks for the memory! Hope you have fun with your finds!


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