Monday 28 May 2012

Vintage Cabinet

Hello friends! It's nice to be back, it's been a while... I've been busy, busy with lots of DIYing at the house - such as this lovely cabinet below :) I've always dreamed of having one and now I am the official owner of a 1960s kitchenette yayy! I spyed it at the auction last month with mum, and after a looong and expensive bidding battle we got it!! Though it's taken quite a while to get it looking in this shape, which involved lots and lots of sanding and painting. Not to mention new hinges and door rollers (thanks Robin!) and plenty of scrubbing and cleaning. My instagram pals may remember what it looked like originally. 
It was painted a drab beige'y colour when I got it, though after stripping it back we found it was a really bright yellow so I got a good match for the original colour to bring it back to it's former glory :) it also matches the inside paper lining so well! It features a pull down drawer with red formica top designed for pastry making, and tilting glass panel to display where the food should be stored. It's now proudly displayed in my kitchen where my other green cabinet used to stand. This one is now been moved into the dining room, where I like it even more, the open shelving suits the room much better and it fits perfectly next to the double doors, ahhh don't you just love it when a plan comes together ;)
I'll hopefully be back in the week with some crafty updates! I've been neglecting my sewing machine of late. Jessie, xo


  1. Beautiful! You've done a lovely job on restoring it :)

    S x

  2. Look at that its just like the one we had in the kitchenette rented flat we had in London back in the 70s...It was horrible....rusty...paint peeling off really weary looking but yours looks like its twin but in super super condition. Very nice...I like the shade of green on your other cabinet too.
    Amanda :-)

  3. Such great bright fresh colours! How nice to be able to restore it to its former glory =D

  4. Oh my goodness!! I LOVE your furniture makeovers.
    Soo adorable. :0) I am having a little give a way. :0)

  5. Wow! That was a lot of work to restore it to this pristine condition. You did a fantastic job on it!

    (It can't always be fun at the sewing machine and crafty posts. I'm just as happy with these DIY posts.)

  6. So beautiful Jessie!! Love the color, and all you sweet treasures!! Your mint green cabinet is so gorgeous, too!! Great find my dear!! Have a lovely week!! xo Heather

  7. I love them it!! *dreamy sigh*

    And your wallpaper... *dreamy sigh*

    And the Pyrex...*dreamy sigh*

    *dreamingly sighing here*

  8. Hi Jessie,

    Your cabinet is so cheerful and I love all the Pyrex inside!

  9. I grew up using the same kind of Pyrex bowls. All of my mother's bowls burned in a house fire so about 10 yrs ago I purchased replacements on eBay. I absolutely love them. I can only make homemade banana pudding using them, it makes me feel closer to my mother. She passed away 26 yrs ago & each time I use them, I think of her.

  10. Love the new cabinet (and the mint one, too)! You have quite the nice collection of Pyrex : )

  11. I love the green shelving it looks so sweet beside the ditsy flower wallpaper. I'm pretty sure I have some fabric just like it :o)
    The kitchenette is great, we used to own a green one and store our food in it. Rather silly one day when emptying shopping bags and put all the goodies on the pull down, the cupboard tipped, only the quick movement of Mr B stopped me being crushed under it. Totallt m own fault! They're great and the pastry slab keeps lovely and cool.
    Only just came upon your blog and love it so am now a follower and subscriber.:o)

    Peg x

  12. So jealous of all your beautiful Pyrex. Great cabinet colors! Very creamy and fresh. :)


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