Friday, 16 March 2012

1st Farmers Wife

One of the main reasons I started learning to quilt this year, was because of the farmers wife quilt along. I was so inspired by all the amazing blocks I was seeing on the blogosphere - I thought I had to have some of that myself! 
I loved the idea of doing a sampler quilt, it really appealed to me to have such a mix of blocks and colours in one quilt :) I'm planning on completing two blocks a week as the quilt-a-long suggests - here's hoping!
So these are my first two blocks! #34 Flock was my vert first to complete. I thought this would be a nice simple one to ease myself in. I then got wayyy to ahead of myself and had a go at #27 Darting Birds, which as you can see, was a little out of my depth!! haha I am a beginner though :) I used my very, very precious PamkittyMorning fabrics from my lovely blog friend Melissa, which I had been saving for a special project and I think this fits the bill ;) Are you all joining in the farmers wife fun? Jessie, xo


  1. Now it's like we're all chums since I know Melissa in real life! Your blocks are so cute! Nice work!

  2. your blocks are lovely! i agree that they are precious fabrics!!!

  3. Oh yes, this project is definitely worthy of cutting into your PKM! So cute.

    (And getting ahead of yourself is part of the learning process. So you're right on track!)

  4. i love your blocks!! they are the sweetest!!

  5. Lovely blocks, very pretty fabric. I'm suffering sewing withdrawal symptoms while my machine is being fixed! xx

  6. Hi sweet Jessie! Your blocks are perfect!!! I would never know you were a beginner! You sew beautifully! I love the pretty fabrics you used too! You and your lovely blog are very inspiring! xo~ Paula


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