Tuesday 24 January 2012

Thank You for this amazing gift I received from Melissa

Hello, hello friends! I had to share with you all this completely amazing gift I received from one of my dearest readers Melissa of 100 Billion Stars. She is just lovely, and gives such nice words of encouragement for my sewing projects. I still can't believe that she was kind enough to send the most gorgeous fabric and cute buttons to me! all the way across the pond :) I am so privilaged to have my blog readers and followers and I cannot thank you enough Melissa.

Just look at all that fabric goodness! Tanya Whelan, Dena Designs, and not forgetting PamKittyMorning too :D  yayy! I am one happy sewer to say the least. 
Jessie, xo


  1. Lucky you!

    Love the blue on with the little flowers on...pretty!xxx

  2. Wow, how sweet!!! I'm sure you will make something beautiful with them. :)

  3. They had a long journey but I know they are quite happy in their new environment. They are sure to bring you many happy creative moments. Even if all you do is look at them. :)

  4. I'm SO envious! What fabulous fabrics and buttons! :)

  5. Melissa couldn't be sweeter, right?


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