Wednesday 1 February 2012

Market Tote Bag

I've been meaning to share this shopping tote for ages, I made it a few weeks ago solely for the purpose of carrying my etsy parcels to the post office - though it's now turned into my daily handbag because it's just so useful! 
I drew up the dimensions myself because I needed it large enough to house my size 5G jiffy bags, and I wanted the handles to fit me just right :) I didn't follow any tutorial to make the bag as all the ones I found on the web involved lots of cutting, lots of peices (which I hate) and lots of wordy instructions - I just like nice pictures. So I made this up as I went along, with very little cutting yayy! and I think it turned out ok. 

I used a plain old calico for the outer part, and a pretty pink floral cotton for the straps and pocket, to make it more me :) The straps are made with jute webbing to make it super strong, I also added an inside zippered pocket, which I got right after a couple of attempts! There are no visable seams on the bag purposely, as I really wanted to avoid top-stitching around the top of the bag (because it would be wonky!!). I will show you how I did it with a tutorial next week if that sounds good? Jessie, xo


  1. Great job, Jessie! Would love to try and make this (just with more manly fabric, obvs!) ;) xx

  2. Very cute! Job well done.

  3. So cute, I love this Jess xx

  4. Such a pretty bag! A tutorial would be fab :)

    S x

  5. Love your tote - and a zip in there too - I've lots of patterns on my Pinterest - just need to get around to making one!


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