Monday 12 December 2011

Christmas Decorating

Christmas 2011 has officially landed in our house. The decorations are up and I'm so pleased! Didn't feel quite ready for it this year as the house is STILL not ready, but I guess Rome wasn't built in a day...
I spent all of yesterday evening popping popcorn for the tree garlands and the mantlepeice. It's not the most enjoyable Christmas chore, but I do love the effect. It's so cosy and reminds me of my childhood helping my mum doing it. 

Did you also notice my Christmas stockings! they were the sneak peek image from my last post. They were such fun to make, I followed this tutorial to put them togther and made up my own stocking template and quilting design - using a quarter square triangle method. I really like the effect, and do a great job of brightening up the room!
I've been decorating with my usual mix of handmade, shop bought and a few 'new' vintage decs I have collected over this year. I also managed to find a new home for my quilted Christmas table runner that I made last year (tutorial here). It sits really well on my teak sideboard - perfect! ;) And there is still more decorating to do, I'm tackling the hallway tomorrow. I forgot how long it takes? or maybe it's just me?


  1. So adorable!!! You guys must be so excited for your first Christmas in your new house!! :)

  2. Loving your stockings and mantle garland - beautiful!

    S x

  3. Your mantle is so beautiful.....truly full of Christmas joy!xxx


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