Monday 13 December 2010

Quilted Christmas Table Runner Tutorial!

Hi friends! I thought you might like to see my quilted christmas table runner I made over the weekend. Since all my Christmas decorations are at home with my parents this year I needed to spruce up our little flat with some bright and festive fun, so this is what I came up with. I took some pictures along the way so you can hopefully follow and make one yourself?
Firstly, you need to cut this shape out of paper to use as a template. Mine measured 5" along the bottom, 15" on the long and 2.5" across the top. You then need to cut 4 shapes out of each of your 5 fabric designs.

Pin one end of your first shape to the opposite end of your next shape (so they are top and tail). Stitch, then continue this with an additional shape, and so on until you have all your strips joined together.

Press open all your seams.
Cut out a peice of backing fabric to match the same size as your top layer. Lay this flat on top and pin.

Stitch together, leaving a gap of about 8" to turn inside out. 

Cut a layer of thin wadding to fill the runner, then make a small slipstitch to close up the open edge

I hope that was easy to follow, please let me know if you have any questions about it I'm more than happy to help. P.S. I reached my 100th Etsy sale over the weekend!!!!! so in honour of this acheivement I will be having a little blog giveaway to one lucky reader, please be sure to pop back soon to win! :)


  1. this is great - thanks for the tutorial, I'll be saving this for even after the holidays are over!

  2. Was that me so or was I only number 99?! I got my scrummy hook roll yesterday and it is just fab! I love it! I'll leave you nice feedback now shortly too :)

    Happy Christmas!

  3. ahh thank you so much Ailish, I'm sooo pleased you are happy with it :) I've just looked and you were actually my 91st sale! Best wishes, and merry Christmas to you too xx

  4. This is a lot prettier than just sewn squares. Thanks for tutorial

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