Wednesday 24 November 2010

Tidy Room = A Creative Mind

I had a proper tidy up of my craft room over the weekend, it's been getting in quite a pickle during my manic sewing sessions to build up stock for my shop in time for Christmas. After taking everything out of my expedit and re-arranging, I decided a swift visit to Ikea was in order to stock up on some more agen baskets - notice the new one's on the bottom shelves :) still things are full to the brim though. Time for a new expedit maybe ...

And this is my latest vintage find, a lovely little sewing basket - in perfect condition. A great ebay find in fact ;) quite a bargin price too! A have quite a small obsession with collecting sewing baskets and tins I just can't get enough of them, perfect hideaway's for all kinds of treasures. 

I was also thinking of painting my ladder shelves that I use to hold all my fabric - what do you think? keep them pine or paint them white ... or maybe even a bright splash of colour! decisions, decisions :)


  1. lovely and tidy! so organised!

  2. Look at you! Beautiful organization. I vote for paint.

  3. I love to look at beautiful craft rooms! So inspiring, and motivating for sorting out my own space. I'm not sure about painting that lovely ladder shelf.... but if you did, I would vote for white.

  4. It looks beautiful and organized! it always makes me feel better when mine is that way too. I vote for painting it a fun color! :)

  5. gorgeous craft room! i vote for brightly colored paint!

  6. Picture Perfect!
    I vote Cath Kidston Red!

  7. paint it bright red it will go really well and add colour :)

    1. oops lol didn't realise how old this post was until i saw the comment dates :s


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