Monday 15 November 2010

So 'Deerly' Loved

Yay I have finally found some cute little deers!! I'm so happy :)

I've been after some since the dawn of time it seems but now I have finally got my hands on not one, but four! These two are my favourites :) I'll show the others soon. What do you think I should call them?

I have also aquired some vintage sheets and pillowcases; I have certainly jumped on late with the granny chic craft trend but I can say the hoarding addiction has already begun! Already I'm planning lots of trips to local carboots and charity shops to scour for vintage bedding when I go back home to Cornwall for Christmas. I have to thank Tiff from Dottie Angel, Jeni from In Color Order and Danielle from Kitschy Digitals for their lovely crafty vintage inspiration they have given me through their wonderful blogs :)

I'm so excited to start playing with them, oh what to make first?! I feel my first quilt coming on with the lovely coordinating pinks and purple fabrics, what do you think?


  1. OOhhh! I love your deer and your vintage sheets! I have all of my grandmothers vintage sheets but I am having a hard time cutting into them. I love that your deer has a necklace!

  2. o lucky you :) yeh I'm scared of cutting into them too! xx

  3. You did really well finding such great prints. All the exciting ones seem to be in North Europe or America, not here definately. Mind you it makes it so much more exciting when you are lucky in your hunting.

    Glad you stopped by as it means I found you too. I read a few pages back and really enjoyed your blog.


  4. Oh, I'm jealous! Vintage sheets and pillowcases are one of my favorite things..they are sooooo soft and have the sweetest dainty floral prints. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

  5. Oh my goodness - you have hit the jackpot!
    I am ultimately looking for bambi's in op shops too!
    Serious envy issues right now.

  6. I just absolutely ADORE your blog--your creations are sew dang AWSOME! THe patchwork chair pillow is stunning--I mean I just want to keep looking at it! Okay--I will keep you in my reader so I have constant inspiration. Cheers!


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