Monday 16 August 2010

Sewing Machine Thread Holder - Money Saver!

I got this cone thread holder the other week; and I love it! I bought these huge cones of thread thinking they would fit my new overlocker... duhh! they dont, it's teeny tiny! but i found this money saving tool to adapt the large machine thread cones to my regular sewing machine - perfect! no waste at all, and it has saved me so much, i was going through the regular machine thread spools at lightening speed. If only i knew about this sooner.

So a money saving sewing tip for you all, does anyone else use any good tips for keeping our expensive hobby costs down?

and this is my new budget overlocker, i got it on ebay for £40, bargin! i only wanted a cheapy just to try it out and have a go... (as i've never used an overlocker before - hope it's not too difficult!)

have a great evening, speak soon.


  1. wow! those are great ideas....i didn't know about those thread things! i am interested to know too how your overlock machine works. is it like a serger? i didn't know you could get them so inexpensively and it sure would be great for clothes and pillows!

    a little sweetness

  2. Wow jessie! I saw this on your blog yesterday afternoon and I bought it straight away from my usual supplier, it's just arrived and I've just tested it.. it's GREAT! I usually use the big thread cones (to save some money) and I used to sew like an acrobat to avoid getting the thread in the way. With this tool everything is muuuuch more easy! Thank you so much for this tip :)
    by the way, I am so happy you started to blog again. I met your blog right before the break you had and I am in love with all the things you make, you are so talented and have a such a taste for fabric matching!

    hugs federica

  3. thank you so much federica! that's so lovely! and I'm so glad you like the thread cones too, such a great idea hey! xx

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