Thursday 12 November 2009

Custom Messy Jesse Stamp!

Im SO happy today because i finally got my custom messy jesse stamps i had made! 
do you like the swing tags i made :) this will be my new official logo, yay!

I'm also happy because I'm off to London tomorrow for the weekend, and i received my Beyonce tickets I've been waiting for, for ages! I'm seeing her live at the O2 on Saturday night - it's going to be SO much fun!!!!

Are you doing anything nice over the weekend? 


  1. Very very nice! I love the polka dot background. No not up to much this weekend compared with you :)

  2. Oh the stamp is darling! How cute! Sounds like you will have a fun weekend! Wish I had your plans :)

  3. Very cute stamps. Really suits your work. I also like the butcher's twine? Fab.


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