Tuesday 6 October 2009

Make it Monday: Foam Lined Laptop Case!

Hello! Sorry for the late post again today, i got caught up sorting out my CV last night to quickly apply for a job closing date this morning..

This week I'm sharing with you this laptop case i made :) It's foam lined and double stitched for added strength. It was supposed to be a custom made one for my boss for his 17" macbook but I cut the fabric too small duhh! so i made it to fit my 15" macbook instead! i will have to make him another one soon enough..
i would love to make more and sell them in my Etsy and Folksy shops eventually. Some for the girls with pretty fabric and some for the boys like this..

next time i will change the bobbin thread colour to brown, forgot to do that on this one!

i made the pattern up myself, so i'm quite pleased with the results. It took quite a lot of thought to get the foam in, getting the right size foam etc! Maybe need a few more practice attempts before i get it perfect enough to sell in my online shops :)
What would your ideal laptop case look like? 


  1. I know a certain little boy that would bite your hand off for that laptop cover hehehe.
    My ideal one would be laura ashley's brambwell It's my all time fav fabric.


  2. Ooh anything pink and frilly, similar to that fab case you made for your friend with the initial on it. I'm a big fan of florals lately, which is surprising since I grew up as such a tomboy. I'm just now blooming into girliness? (pun intended) :P

  3. love this what a fantastic idea! when I was looking for a case for my laptop a couple of years ago they were all so uguly and over priced that i resented buying one. I would love to whip my laptop out a case like this at a meeting. :)


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