Thursday 8 October 2009

Anthropologie is Crossing the Pond!

I'm so excited that Anthropologie is coming to Europe! :) They are opening their first store in the U.K. 23rd of October 2009 on Regent Street, London. Make a date in your diary! I sure am, i will have to plan a trip to London.. over five hours away from where i live now! If your not familiar with Anthropologie, they are a U.S. shop.. of course! and sell all sorts of amazing homewares, really quirky! They also have clothes and accessories, i got a really cute 'granny' style cardi from them a couple of years ago while on holiday in Florida and wear it all the time. The display and layout of the shop is wonderful too.

(images taken from Anthropologie
Some pretty goodies from my wishlist, soon to be realised! 


  1. oooh that news excites me! I will be there for sure checking it out! x

  2. mabye they come to germany someday, too...that would be great...i love their lovley...;)

  3. So true this shop really makes you want to buy everything!! You have made my day! I didnt realise they were opening a shop in London, will def be checking that out!! See you there xx


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