Monday 21 September 2009

Make it Monday: Quilted Tea Cosy

Hello and welcome to another make it Monday! Here is my quilted tea cosy i made last week :) i used some lovely Michael Miller polka dot fabric, with light blue cotton lining. After some failed attempts and snapped sewing machine needles it finally came together! I also used wadding or batting, not sure which it is? to make it nice and padded, it was also the first time i've done quilting and i'm really pleased with the effect. 
So i gave it to my nana as a present to use with her pretty teapots and she loved it :)
After feeling the quilt bug, i purchased a pattern to make some quilted bags and accessories, here is what i'm making at the moment for a friends birthday this weekend ...
i've never followed a sewing pattern before, so it's all learning! hopefully it will turn out ok? :)
And lastly, don't laugh...  here is one of my many attempts at crocheting i have been doing over the weekend? i don't know how to make it straight, it keeps getting shorter on every row? hmmm... i'll figure it out soon enough!


  1. I think you miss every first stitch with the crochet :) For the first stitch you should make a few chain stitches depending on the stitch you are doing
    1 chain for single crochet. 2 or 3 chain for double crochet. Then proceed in every stich till the last, turn and again, the first stitch should be a few chain and then proceed. That should do the trick :)

  2. Love the tea cosy. Such neat quilting.

  3. Cute tea cosy!

    With the crocheting, once you go through the last stitch on the bottom of the row, make another loop in the same way you would a regular stitch but without going through the row below. Then flip and go back through the last SOLID stitch you made, not the empty loop. The loop is your extra, and will prevent a pyramid. This is just for basic rows, nothing fancy.

    Hehe, I feel weird giving crochet advice as a 23 year old. :)

  4. I love pink polka dot bag!!!
    with the crocheting... yes ...try to do the first line regular and large stich, and alwaise when you star the row... don't forget the first and the last stich...(hope you understand my bad english)

    thank you to follow my blog:-)

  5. Lovely tea cosy - I should think your nan was over the moon at receiving that, I certainly would be!

    Pomona x


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