Wednesday 23 September 2009

Craft Book Love!

After a recommendation from Happy Zombie blog, i decided to purchase 'quilting in no time' and 'sewing in no time', they looked so bright and colourful i couldn't resist them.. 

and then i couldn't stop there, oh no i had to buy another two...
i also pre-ordered the new CK book 'sew', can't wait for that! :) previously blogged about

Also have you seen the new Tanya Whelen's new fabric collection Dolce..
ooh i just love them all! don't you? can't wait to get my hands on some soon :) 

p.s. If you haven't had a nose at Decor8 today, go and take a look at Holly's pictures of the fabric market she visited in Hannover, Germany .. it's a lovely bit of eye candy if your a fabric addict like me ;) 

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  1. Hi Jessie! Lovely blog - thanks for the reading suggestions! Like the look of the Zakka book especially!



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