Sunday, 20 July 2014

Farmer's Wife Quilt: Week 123

Just in time for this week's Farmer's Wife Quilt blocks! I'm trying to keep up with my target for two blocks a week ;-) Today's blocks are #43 Garden Path and #44 Gentleman's Fancy. 
This is my first go at a Y-seam in all my year's of quilting! I've avoided it like the plague as it's always scared me! It wouldn't have been too bad had I not needed to un-pick the whole thing after realising I had pieced it together wrong; seem's to be a familiar story with this quilt… #44 came together easily, I've already done one of these blocks but I wanted to re-do it because I've gone off it. That's the problem when you're doing a quilt over such a long time period I guess. Hope fully there won't be too much repeating needed! Have a relaxing Sunday friends. xo


  1. I would think Y seams are even harder on blocks so small. I have this book but haven't made a block from it yet! Unless you count the potholder I made for my mom out of bonus HST. I used one of the designs in the book to make it.

  2. Oh man! Those blocks look complicated. I'm stalled at around block 28

  3. I love your blocks... Very nice fabric choice.

  4. I am sure you've mentioned this before somewhere, but where are you getting your patterns for this? I love it! Thanks!

  5. Can anyone recomend any modern, pretty beginners quilting books pretty please :)


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