Tuesday 8 July 2014

A Finished Red Letter Day Quilt

Hello! Hope you all had a fun weekend, I had some sewing time and worked on my Thimbleblossoms Red Letter Day mini quilt as planned, finishing up with hand sewing the binding last night. Thought I'd share the finished project with you today.

It looks rather nice with my art wall in the living room don't' cha' think? ;-) I loved making it because I was so excited about my colour and fabric choices, so it ended up taking no time at all! Most of the fabrics are all Sew and Quilt fabrics, with just a touch of Liberty and the brown Pezzy print I got in an IG de-stash recently - love those American Jane pezzy prints! 

After I finished it I thought I would have much preferred it with a border to frame the blocks, but it's growing on me more now. I think I would definitely make it again and probably add a border next time, I might even go bigger and do a 3 x 3 size! I'm not sure where this is going to hang yet, I actually can't put it with my art wall as my quilt ladder sits where it is in the image above. Though I am planning on a quilt wall of mini's in my landing now so I guess I have to make some more to go alongside! You can find the pattern available here, and the fabrics here if you fancy making one yourself. xo


  1. This is so lovely!! Your colors and fabrics are just beautiful together!! :) Happy sweet day to you! xo Holly

  2. I love this so much! love the different prints and colros! so cute!

  3. Love this! I like the way you quilted it, too. I am working on one of my own and trying out the overall diagonal quilting for the first time.

  4. I actually like the way it looks without a border. Gives it more of a tile look.

  5. Without the border it reminds me of a game board. Looks lovely hanging and your fabric choices are great!!

  6. This is lovely! So crisp and clean looking and the fabrics are fab - you are making such gorgeous things lately, making me really long for some quality sewing machine time!

    S x


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