Thursday 31 July 2014

50 States Stitching: Week 3

I'm a little behind on my 50 States Stitching project this week. We were away for a few days last week so I'm playing catch up, while working on some tight deadlines coming up soon too! Week 3 was New Jersey; I can't even say that place name in my head without putting on my best Jersey accent! >.< can you?

I love how this little guy is shaping up for Connecticut, that Happy Go Lucky plaid print looks so fresh! Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with my latest FWQ blocks, here's hoping! ;-)


  1. These are so sweet and cute!! Have a lovely rest of the week! xo Holly

  2. Yay...I live in NJ - not a native, so no accent ;P - and I love the motif you chose to represent this state that I've grown to love :)
    Smiles, DianeM

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