Friday, 16 May 2014

The Making of the Nautical Quilt

I've started working on a nautical boat quilt which I've been meaning to do for ages, but really, like I need another new project!? This I couldn't hold up any longer though, I have a major thing for navy right now and since I live right on the coast, I thought a subtle seaside quilt seemed just right to drape over an armchair in the living room ;-)

I found the pattern online, for free! here. It's just amazing the quilt patterns you can find on the web, though I do spend waaaay too long doing so… I've had to halt on the making the last couple of days as we had run out of Kona Snow, but two new bolts have just arrived today, so you can find it in stock at Sew and Quilt

Right I'm off now to crack on with my final ten blocks, with Modern Family box set on the iPad, yippee! Have a great weekend, friends. xo


  1. Just stunning.Love them all!!

  2. I really loves these, and might have to try the pattern out for a pillow or something. ;) Looking forward to seeing your quilt finished! xo Heather

  3. Anonymous17 May, 2014

    A rectangle and some half square triangles! Even I could make this!! How fun!

  4. I just love the color combination in this quilt with all the different blues. Thank You for the free quilt pattern. I need to make a little baby boy blue quilt. This is perfect!

  5. A-ha the mystery of the surge of nautical prints in the shop is now explained, they look really cool and fresh, it'll be interesting to see how they come together in your quilt. Your half square triangles are awesome Jessy!

  6. so lovely blocks! love the summer spirits!

  7. So happy and summery! Look forward to seeing the quilt with all those cheery blues...


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