Monday 10 March 2014

Scrappy Irish Chain Quilt Pattern

I have an exciting pattern for you all today! The scrappy Irish chain quilt I've been working on. I've just finished the quilt top so I thought you would all like a free tutorial to join in too!? So do you have your scraps in order? Great, let's get started. 

Scrappy Irish Chain Quilt / Pattern by Jessie Fincham

Fabrics used: Essentials 100% cotton white / Kona Peony / Scrap Fabrics (mostly from Sew and Quilt)

Finished block size: 18.5"
Finished quilt size: 90" square

Materials Needed
2-1/2 yards (2-1/4m) white fabric
1-1/2 yards (1 1/4m) pink fabric
4-3/4 yards (4 1/4m) scrap fabric
1 yard (3/4m) binding fabric
8 yards (7 1/4m) backing fabric
98" x 98" cotton batting

1. From the white fabric cut the following:
   - (12) 18.5 x 6.5"
   - (24) 14.5 x 2.5"
   - (24) 10.5 x 2.5"
   - (24) 6.5 x 6.5" 
   - (52) 2.5" x 2.5"
2. From the pink fabric cut the following:
   - (300) 2.5. x 2.5" squares 3. From scrap fabric cut the following: 
   - (989) 2.5" sqaures

If it helps, you can use the diagram below to guide you with the cutting of the white fabric. Cut carefully! Note: (33) 2.5" squares will be cut from the extra 1/4 metre not pictured below. (Diagram not to scale).

Block Assembly
There are two blocks to make for this quilt, simple.

Block (A) 

Sew your 9 strips as shown (A1). Taking note of the layout of the pink and white squares. Press strips in alternating direction to 'nest seams'. Sew your rows together to make one block. Press seams outwards. 
Make 13 blocks total

Block (B)

Sew your 7 strips together as shown (B1). Press strips in alternating directions as block (A). Sew your rows together to make one block press seams outwards. 

Make 12 blocks total

Quilt Assembly 
Sew your blocks together in a 5 x 5 layout alternating between block (A) and (B). Make a quilt sandwich with quilt top, batting and backing fabric. Machine or hand quilt as desired and bind using (9) strips 2.5" x WOF, stitched together end to end using your favourite binding method.

I hope you enjoyed this free pattern! Link up on your favourite social media site with the #scrappyirishchain hashtag. You can follow my progress on Instagram @messyjesse1

© March 2014 Messy Jesse
Designed by Jessie Fincham
Please respect my hard work in creating this free pattern. Do not sell or re-distribute my tutorials. Feel free to direct people to my website or link to it.


  1. I just want to say thank you for this free tutorial. I've always felt chain block quilts too hard to make, but you have shown how easy it can be. Thank You!

  2. Love this and plan on trying it soon! thanks!

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    thank you for the pattern, another one for the ever expanding list

  10. Beautiful!!! I've been wanting to make one of these quilts forever. I think this will have the popularity that the "scrappy trip along" did. Glad I didn't make one of those but I will be making one of these. Thanks for the tutorial!

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  19. Hello! Your quilt is such a great example of using value in quilts. Could I have your permission to use it as an example for an upcoming presentation I am putting together for Portland Modern Quilt Guild? All the Best!

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  23. This quilt & your fabric choices are dreamy, is it possible to use a "Tube" method for cutting the 2 1/2" squares??

  24. Greetings from India.
    After a good afternoon nap i get up and sit on pinterest looking for quilts and one site leads to another and i land up at your site with this beautiful quilt tutorial which i was looking for sooooo long. Thank you for giving me a chance to enjoy my evening cup of tea with this tutorial.

  25. Just when I thought I was a primitive/country girl I stumble on a site and fall in love with your bright girly style. I have made this type of quilt before in reproduction prints in Americana colors. This color way is charming and has me headed to the quilt store.

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  28. Your material needs are in metrics, but then your cutting is in inches ? Not sure. Could you clarify.

  29. this is the perfect pattern for all my left over fabric from my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt. Thank you

  30. What kind of pattern are using when quilting it together? I have mine completed but unsure on where to go from here?

  31. Your Quilt is beautiful I have been looking for a long time for a good pattern. Then i found you I am making on as I write this. I am Using Green n Place of pink my Husband likes Green. Thank you for the great directions.


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