Tuesday 28 January 2014

Drawstring Dust-Bag Tutorial

So last week I gushed about my new yellow Filofax Original, and how I just had to come up with a dust-bag for it. Today, I'm sharing the super easy drawstring bag you can make as well, of course the Filofax is optional ;) 

The finished bag size is 13" x 10", a perfect fit for the A5 Filofax! 

Bag fabric (2) 11" x 15 1/4" 
Fabric Ties (2) 32" x 1"

1. Cut your fabrics out as above.

2. Along the longer side of your fabric bag piece, measure down 2" from the top. Cut 1/2" into the fabric. Repeat for the opposite side, and again on the other fabric piece.

3. Fold and press 1/4", and then again to enclose the raw edges. Repeat on opposite side and do the same for the other fabric piece.

4. Sew very close to the edge to secure in place, remembering to back-stitch at the top and bottom, repeat as before.

5. Fold over the top edge 7/8" and press. Now fold over the top edge of the bag piece to meet at the point of the side slits.

6. Place your bag pieces right sides together and pin in place. Sew 1/4" around the edge. Do a little back-stitching to the top for extra strength.

7. Trim your raw edges with some pinking shears to keep it neat. Now for the fun part of turning your bag inside out!

8. Now for the fabric ties. For these, I've basically made them in the same way as Jeni does in her lined drawstring bag tutorial - only these are thinner. Take your fabric strips and fold and press the short ends over 1/4" and sew to secure. Carefully press them in half lengthwise (wrong sides together).

9. Now open them out flat again and press the raw edges to the centre line you have just created. Fold in half again, enclosing the raw edges.

10. Stitch a strain line very close to the edge of the fabric ties, being careful to catch both sides of the fabric - it can be a little tricky!

11. Take a large safety pin, and poke one end of the fabric tie into the bag casing - come full circle to the beginning again.

12. Now starting with the other side, repeat by poking the fabric tie all the way around and back to the start. You'll know you've done it right when you are able to pull the handles and it tightens the bag! Tie a knot in either end of the bag handles. 

Done! Now enjoy your newly made dust-bag! Or drawstring bag to tote around whatever you need. Let me know if you have any questions, and I'll do my best to help. xo 

Fabrics used
Yellow stripe, IKEA


  1. You're so making me want a Filofax now Jessie!!!! I love your dust bag - so snazzy (and washable!). If you don't mind me suggesting, french seams might help to strengthen the bag even further (and give you a super neat inside?!). You're inspiring me to get organised :)

  2. This is so pretty. I always love your fabric choices.

  3. Great idea! It doesn't look too difficult for a sewing noob like me either!

  4. So pretty and the photos are very helpful!

  5. Thank you for this tutorial! I have a couple of questions, as I am new to sewing :-) At step 5, the picture looks like you folded less than 7/8". Is that right? Also, once you have folded and pressed the top edge down to meet the side slits, do you then sew it down at that point? Thanks again! X

  6. Lorraine, I was confused about that, too. I folded TO the 7/8" instead of AT. Then I folded again to meet the side slits and sewed it down. (Don't sew the openings on the sides, of course.) I'm not sure the tunnel that resulted would be large enough to fit the fabric straps or not--I used thinner braided twine pulls instead.

  7. there seems to be some errors around no5 does not say to sew top edge yet there is a photo and instructions tell you to sew 1.4" on number 6 ?? Please clarify

    1. There are too many errors in this tutorial for me to even do it. I'll have to find another one, I wasted fabric doing this :-(

    2. There are too many errors in this tutorial for me to even do it. I'll have to find another one, I wasted fabric doing this :-(

  8. same as about no mention of sewing the top edge down :(

  9. There seem to be a lot of steps missing!!

    1. I should've said.. There are a lot of steps missing. I just wasted fabric trying to figure this out. :'(


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