Wednesday 20 November 2013

A Treat from Etsy: My latest crafty purchases

Hi friends, I didn't mean to have such a long blog break! We've been busy around these parts fitting new a new loft hatch, boarding out our attic and lots of *spring* cleaning. Including sorting through old clothes, 'vacuuming bagging' out of season clothes, ebay'ing and making charity shop runs. We're almost there, I'm hoping to sell a now, unused wardrobe to clear some space up in our spare room and then we're done ;)

But of course none of that is photo worthy. So instead I wanted to show you some recent crafty purchases. I went on a bit of an Etsy buying bender, ha! I couldn't resist, plus I had some birthday money to help me out… 
From top left; a vintage feedsack fabric, my first! I love the primary colours. Underneath are also vintage fabrics from a seller needing to de-stash. Top right; I am completely in love with, I was searching for a palm tree, fruity fabric like this for a future dress-making project next year, and boom! there it was in the search results. It was exactly what I wanted, I just love it when that happens. Below are some super cute 30s repro's I got from this shop that accidentally all seem to work so well together? I also got a rivet maker from here and some leather for a bag handle. I've wanted to make a bag with leather straps for ages, so I got the supplies in order to start. Though it will probably have to be in the new year after all the Christmas gift making I need to be getting on with! 

Oh, and some wash-tape's >.< I'm not normally mad for them, but I thought these particular ones were so sweet! 

So now you've seen my greedy purchases, I hope you enjoyed the eye candy. Right, I'm going to hide them in a cupboard now so Robin won't find them! "oh these? I've had them ages!" ;) xo


  1. thank you to put the link... just to look at your pictures, I already dying .. Lol

  2. Oh wow i'm so jealous. i would love to go on an etsy shopping spree right now but i haven't got a snowballs chance in hell!! To close to Chrimbo. You are one lucky lady. Those finds are really fabulous.

  3. A well deserved shopping spree after all that productivity around the house! Enjoy all those wonderful finds.

  4. Great fabrics and I hope they all look good your cupboard..haha.

  5. Beautiful fabrics and sweet washi tapes! Wishing you a sweet week! xo Heather

  6. Sounds like you deserve some treats after all that sorting! I have great plans to do an autumn clean and sort. Hmmm, almost the end of November and it is yet to happen. Maybe time for a small amount of sorting and then rely on twinkly lights and other festive sparkle to hide lack of spring clean!


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