Wednesday, 16 October 2013

'New' Vintage Fabric + Latest Farmer's Wife

I don't know if I've mentioned this before? but I'm addicted to shopping on Etsy! especially for vintage fabric. I normally go through faddy stages where I can end up spending hours, yes hours ... (and I wonder where all my time goes?!) hunting for lovely fabric to add to my stash. These two below are the latest additions...
I have a real weakness for kitchen inspired fabric, so I couldn't resist this delightful fruit bowl print. There's over 5 yards of it - which was the main reason to buy! So much potential. I do love a gingham too, and these primary colours are right up my street ;)
I picked up a vintage sheet this week too, I do a little happy dance whenever I get one nowadays as I can never seem to find them. This one is a bit of a gem as it's so bright, it will make a great quilt backing. Talking of fads, I've added five more farmer's wife blocks to my collection! I scratched an itch when I made two the other week, and I haven't been able to stop. Though I have to take a break from them again as I have other *must* projects to be getting on with.

From top left; #71 Puss In The Corner / #72 Railroad 
#106 Wild Rose & Square / #80 Single Wedding Star / #52 Hovering Hawks


  1. Awww!!!...I need some of that fruit fabric! Can you share with me where you purchased?

  2. Gorgeous fabric. I too love vintage fabric just wish it wasn't so darn expensive. Love your quilt blocks, gorgeous!! Xxx

  3. Those are gorgeous finds, and your Farmer's Wife blocks are so pretty!

  4. Lovely fabrics finds! Your farmer's blocks are gorgeous!

  5. Love the pretty fabrics and your blocks are so beautiful!!! Have a great day! xo Holly

  6. Your blocks are just wonderful! And those vintage finds seem like they were waiting just for you.

  7. I love your vintage finds!! I seem to have the same faddy stages as well! Your Pyrex is beautiful!

  8. These fabrics are so sweet!
    (I love vintage sheets too ...)

    Barbara :)

  9. Such pretty quilt blocks, and fabric finds. Oooo, and dreamy Pyrex!


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