Thursday 3 October 2013

My latest embroidery design project

I've been working on some embroidery designs for a commissioned embroidery project recently. Birds have been the chosen theme, and although I'm really not much of an artist - I eventually sketched out some cute little birdie's, all of which look rather plump! It seems there's no such thing as delicate skinny birds in my imagination! ;) The floral background is a new vintage sheet I got last week!

I also finished up two more farmer's wife blocks this morning before work. I have been neglecting my FWQ for so long! It was great to get back into the swing of it yesterday. Now I have a good selection of 1930's reproduction prints in my stash it's becoming a lot easier to make up the blocks carrying on with my vintage'y vibe. 

#18 Century of Progress / #2 Autumn Tints

On the subject of fabric, I also picked up a few fat quarters from the Briar Rose collection. It was Amy from nanacompany that inspired me to purchase after I saw those delightful pot holders. I couldn't resist any longer! I'm not sure what the future hold for these, but there will be petting and admiring in the mean time. xo


  1. What sweet little birds. And I love those Farmer's Wife blocks! Great colors.

    Happy creating!

  2. Such sweet little birdies! You should join us on Stitching Sundays over at Chrissie Crafts blog and link up - it's lovely to see what everyone else is stitching too.
    Love all those fabrics too :-)

  3. Your posts are always such a delight to read, those birds are so sweet! x

  4. Love your little birdies, and your blocks, and your fabric. Yeah, I like everything you have here!!

    S x

  5. Love Briar Rose. I'm thinking about getting some myself.

  6. That vintage sheet looks like is straight out of Cath Kidston!!
    I love those birdies, can't wait to see what they become!
    I have to say, I'd never dare use Nana's pot holder! They are far to pretty!!

  7. I love the yellows in your FW blocks! And the DO have a vintage feel!

  8. Sweet embroidered plumb birds... if I was to attempt such a thing they'd probably resemble another species altogether!

  9. Such sweet birds and love your blocks! Happy Friday! xo Holly

  10. Oh wow, how sweet are those birds!


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