Wednesday 22 May 2013

My latest Instagram photos

I've been instagramming a lot lately, it's so quick and easy to keep up to date with everyone and share what I'm doing - with pictures! I'm a visual person, so I find it works better for me than Twitter. I realise there are lots of you who aren't on IG, so I thought it would be fun to share with everyone what I've been up to lately...
1. A while back my local charity shop had a 'vintage fabric sale' and although there was no vintage fabric? they had a stack of table linens, which I just go weak at the knees for - so I bought the lot! As you do ;) 

2. You know I always go on about our DIY projects each weekend, well here is one of them. My lovely partner Robin (pictured looking very pleased with himself) fitted these great shelves for us in the living room to house my growing collection of sewing reference books. 

3. With the haul that I got from Ikea recently, I also picked up this letter rack, I just love it! I will share some 'proper' pics and how I've arranged it on the blog soon :)

4. I just couldn't resist this boat in a bottle from my local antique shop, we don't really have 'stuff' in our living area so I'm slowly, slowy adding nice decorative objects when I see them. I had to sleep on this for a night, but couldn't stop thinking about it so I guess I made the right decision! 

5. I'm a list-making kinda' girl, I really can't function if I have a bunch of things to do and no plan. I need a plan!

6. Car-boot season is in full swing now so it give me more opportunities to buy the things I love, these are some sweet things I picked up on Sunday morning.

7. This is planning stages of a potential sewing project. I've wanted to make a mini quilt from one of my Japanese sewing books for so long, so I pulled some fabrics and got cutting!

8. Auction viewing day is one of my favourite times of the month! I love to nose around my local one to see what's on offer. There's always some treasure to be found, I don't bid all the time but it's fun just to look and wish :)

If you are on Instagram, you can follow my updates @messyjesse1 ! xo


  1. Beautiful vintage linens!! One can never say no to them!! ;) xo Heather

  2. Firstly, fab studio! I'd love an organised space but for now I'll make do with my 'wall'! Love these photos, I've registered with Instagram but then couldn't work out what to do! :) x

  3. With you on the table linens there's something about them!! Love a good plan and a good list to put it all down. Gets the old blood going. Enjoy the booty and auction. It seems I might be impressed by your sewing reference books, quite a few you've got there gal.

  4. Lovely finds! Sweet fabric prints love them. Got my eye on your next posts.

  5. Oh that's my favorite pink book I think. I can't wait to see!


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