Tuesday 5 March 2013

Our First Home: Laundry Room Dreams!

Hi friends! There's not been much sewing going on around here lately as I'm in full DIY mode, and when it hits - I just have to go with it and abandon the sewing machine for a few days in order to get some things done around here! :) As I mentioned in my last post, we managed to get my shelves put up in the laundry room over the weekend. I'm so excited about this, I know it sounds really lame to some, but I just can't wait to put away all my towels and bedlinen on tidy shelves and not in a (cough!!) banana box under our bed!! shocking, I know...
So this is where we're currently at, shelves have been made and put together by my very clever fiancĂ© ;) and I'm almost done with the painting, just one more coat and finito - thank goodness, because it's the most annoying thing to paint, ever!! And when that's complete I can add the final touches to bring it altogether rather nicely :) Here are some of my wish list items for the space.
Yes that's right, I'm dreaming about peg bags and wicker baskets, ha! 

1. I fell in love with this super pretty rug from Urban Outfitters recently, it's so cute but I actually ended up buying a different one as I needed a bigger size.
2. These baskets from IKEA are perfect to hold smaller hand towels and cleaning products.
3 & 6. Completely obsessed with the gorgeous Cath Kidston storage bags, so useful to store sheets in. I'm hoping to make my own as they are a little pricey.
4. The washing bag is so cute too, CK get's me every time.
5. My peg rail we put up last weekend, ideal for hanging brooms etc.
7. An enamel tin to store washing powder instead of displaying my awful plastic tub? Yes please!
8. And a cute peg bag to finish, perfect. 

Happy tuesday! xo


  1. Oh! Looking forward to seeing it all put together!

  2. Looking good already. I'm glad someone has the DIY bug. Mine seems to have deserted me at the mo!

  3. Looks like it will soon be an oh so stylish laundry room. What a lucky duck...

  4. Lookin' good!! Love all your inspiration! xo Heather

  5. It looks great! And I love all the things on your wish list! Don't apologize, I understand you very well! :-) I dream of having a laundry room, one day, too ...

  6. I need a peg bag too....15 years of throwing them in the bottom of the washing basket and getting annoyed when they fall out of the holes!!!

  7. Oohh I love the domestic bliss of your post. And how exciting putting together your first home! I was so happy when we moved 3 years back and finally got a utility room (instead of laundry drying in the dining room!)It's fun playing house - for real!!

  8. Your new laundry room will be lovely, Jessie! It's so exciting creating your first home! Love all the inspiring things on your wishlist. I have lived in lots of houses since I made my first home and I still love home making now!
    Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen x

  9. Looks so exciting!!! I am bit jealous because I'd like to be back to designing,imagining, making projects etc :P
    Anyway, I love all your ideas and your wish list items! I am sure this room will become soooo pretty!
    Enjoy everything, you will miss it one day (everything! also the painting.. mmmh, maybe not the painting actually!)

    hugs federica

  10. Good luck!! I am looking forward to it ;)

  11. What a lovely blog you have...thank you for visiting me the other day....I am so loving all this sweetness for the laundry room...just painted a whole wall with blackboard paint in my laundry room ...now it add some of this cuteness. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Looking great! I've been coveting those Cath Kidston storage bags too recently and it didn't even occur to me I could make some myself. Thanks for the idea!

  13. Your new laundry room will be lovely ♥ love all your inspiration!
    Deva x

  14. Idyllic! Shame it has to be filled with washing!

  15. Hi Jesse, what a lovely blog! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, I wanted to reply but you are a 'no-reply' commenter, so I can't :(


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