Wednesday 9 January 2013

Craft Books and New Fabric!

There's nothing I enjoy better than sitting down with a nice cup of tea and paging through some eye candy in the form of sewing and craft books. It's one of my favourite things to do, after actual sewing of course ;)
This Christmas I was the very lucky receiver of this amazing stack of crafty delights! Little did I know when I was adding them to my amazon basket throughout the year they would be appearing under the tree :) thanks Robin!
I also got these amazingly cute!! lecien prints, just look at those deers! and the oh so sweet stamps! eek I can't wait to cut into them :) perhaps a project from the Happy Quilt book by Atsuko Matsuyama!? This book is seriously amazing. My mum bought me the other japanese book when they were in Hong Kong for Christmas! It's full of fun patchwork ideas. 
And sometimes you just need a picture book, and what better than a picture book full of vintage fabrics and feedsacks! Vintage Fabric From The States is exactly that, it's perfect. 
You can find all the links to these books on my new amazon widget on the left sidebar. I have added all the books I've shared on the blog over the years, and I personally own each one so it comes highly recommended. If you decide to go ahead and purchase any of these I would really appreciate it if you could click through the link as it would really help me out! :) Did you receive some nice crafty presents? Please share, I'd love to hear! and exchange book recommendations ... Jessie, xo


  1. Looks like a fun stack of books!
    I love that stamp fabric and agree vintage is perfect :)
    I got the new Anna Maria Horner embroidery book, which is gorgeous and for Christmas hubbie got me a bolt of wadding, the perfect present!

    p.s. you might want to block anonymous commenters! Cuts out spam!

  2. Oh dear, the spammers are out! Your books look great, I especially love the look of the fabric one, although those Japanese ones are precious! I got Kathy Doughty's "making quilts- the promise of joy" for Christmas. It's beautiful!

  3. That Feedsack book looks amazing! :) x

  4. Such a delightful group of presents. I think you have the perfect stack of inspiration right there!

  5. These definitely are eye candy!! Thanks for sharing!! xo Heather

  6. Your new fabrics are georgous!!!! I love these prints! And books... cute reading with cup of tea/coffee :)

    Have a lovely time, Jolana

  7. Love your Lecien fabrics....very cute! Will definitely check out your book list!

  8. Isn't that pink book amazing? Ithink it's the best book I have, I always feel happy looking at it. And super inspiring.
    Love the fabrics as well. Those deer kill me.
    Happy New Year!

  9. OOh so pretty!
    and how lucky are you?
    Thanks for stopping by my blog....because now i have found your lovely one!
    Bestest daisy j

  10. hi there!
    im from Portugal and i found your lovely blog. ADorable.


  11. Love those! I have that pink one shown in the pic above. I haven't a clue what it says, but I grew up in Japan and my mom is Japanese so my sisters and I had lots of experience figuring out crafting from just the pictures in Japanese books. We learned to crochet using Japanese patterns and now I don't think I could figure out American ones.

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