Friday 19 October 2012

Pyrosil and Bloomsbury Gardens Project

Hi friends, I wanted to share couple of fun things with you today. Firstly is this little project I'm working on with the Bloomsbury Gardens collection, oh the fabrics are so pretty! I was playing around with some simple HST designs and came out with this :) I like it when 'making it up as you go along' sometimes works :) 
    Although I'm currently undecided if it should be a new pillow for my living room (yes, another one!) or a mini quilt to hang? 
Also, I recently managed to finally complete my full set of Pyrosil! yay! I'm so happy! My local antique shop had the 1 1/2-pt saucemaker for a nice thrifty price of £4 so I snapped it up without any hesitation :) I've been collecting the others for a couple of years at various car-boot sales and charity shops. 
    If you haven't seen it before Pyrosil is the British equivalent to the well known American Corning Ware glass and ceramic cookware. It was produced in the Netherlands during the 1960's but sold in the U.K. and features a distinctive blue cornflower emblem and 'lock-on handles' - which fixes on and off with a simple twist! Perfect storage space saver.
Look, the whole set! :D minus the stand for the casserole dish - but I'm always on the lookout ;)

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and as a final note I've got some new text prints from the Mama Said Sew collection in the shop this week, take a peek! ;)
Jessie, xo


  1. jesse, your bloomsbury garden block is sew pretty!! i LOVE it!!

  2. ooh that Pyrosil set is gorgeous! I'm very jealous! You can't have too many pillows, that fabric is gorgeous x

  3. Rebecca is right. You can't have too many pillows!

    What fun to complete your Pyrosil collection. It looks smashing on the vintage cloth too.

  4. Such a beautiful block, and I think it would look so pretty as a pillow or a cute wall hanging!! xo Heather

  5. You can never have too many cushions! It will look very pretty. I think my Mum had one or two dishes like that. I remember the handle coming off the pan.xx

  6. Your block is gorgeous! I would love to see how this translates into a throw size quilt. Just beautiful!

  7. Love the Pyrosil set - and the patterned fabric in the background is gorrrgeous!

  8. Beautiful Jessie! I love the light green especially, it really brings everything else alive I think. My vote is for cushion, you can't have too many, surely!

    S x

  9. Such a gorgeous block, Jessie! It would be lovely as a wall hanging or a cushion, though I would probably make a cushion!
    My fabric order came from you today...(so quickly, too) thank you so much they are gorgeous!
    Helen x

  10. Your corningwear is so cool and your fabric square is very beautiful!


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