Tuesday 30 October 2012

Liberty's Bloomsbury Gardens Pillow

I finished up my Liberty Bloomsbury Gardens pillow over the weekend, after much deliberation I decided upon this checkered Darlene Zimmerman brown binding, which I think finishes it really well with the bright florals :) the HST design and quilting effect is completely inspired by the amazing Jeni B's 'fall pillow'. I was so in love when she made it last year I knew I had to re-create one myself! So I thought the liberty florals would be a perfect excuse ;)

I also carried on the theme to the back of the pillow with a row of HST's. I used my simple envelope pillow tutorial to complete the back panels. 
It's now found it's way on my sofa with the other growing collection of pillows! Perfect for cosying up to in the chilly evenings :)
Jessie, xo
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  1. This is such a yummy pillow, Jessie! Love the text fabric together with the others, and the pink quilting!

  2. this is really very lovely, Jesse! So delicate and pretty

  3. It's lovely. Yet to dig into my Bloomsbury stash...
    Hen x

  4. Beautiful Jessie. Love your piped edging too, looks so neat and finishing the cushion off beautifully. Did you follow a tutorial for that? (She says, hoping there's a link, so she can follow it too) ;)

    S x

  5. This is such a pretty pillow! And the brown binding is perfect!

  6. Such a gorgeous pillow!

  7. Oh, pretty pillow! Looks very comforting :D

  8. So, so beautiful Jessie!! Love all the prints! xo Heather


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