Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Aga Oven Mitts & Vintage Loot

I whipped up this oven glove for Robin's parents yesterday, they recently got an Aga and needed a mitt that had really long hand bits to reach right at the back of the oven. They have a black and white themed kitchen, so it was lucky that I had this pretty floral fabric, (from my lovely friend Clare) as I don't own any other black fabric! I used some white cotton canvas for the arm parts to make it more durable against the heat. The inside is quilted in simple straight lines, and the outer pockets in a criss-cross method. Think I may make another one for my kitchen too! :)
It was quite a good week for thrifting last week, I picked up these nice vintage sheets (plus one more, since this picture was taken!) and a bunch of childrens sewing patterns and knitting patterns - even though I can't knit! one day ... Obviously I have no use for these kids sewing patterns yet but I thought they were too cute to pass up. I think 50s/60s kids were definately best dressed era, don't you? such simple shapes, so sweet. 

I also finished up my mini quilt, so I'll work on getting some pictures this week! Jessie, xo


  1. Love the oven gloves they are too cute! Wish I lived in America, you're thrift stores seem so much better than our charity shops =D

  2. Lovely oven mitts! I would never have guessed you had any black fabric in your stash at all. But I can see how this one could live quite happily in your stash.

  3. Lucky find on the kids patterns and those sheets are so pretty! Your home is looking so pretty!!

  4. My nan has sheets very similar, one of my favourites is one with yellow and brown flowers. It´s amazing how were old fabrics made, because these sheets from the 60´s are as new! Love this oven glove!

  5. Love the mitts! Those sheets are so cool and the patterns are adorable!! I keep meaning to sew a dress for my little girl but it keeps dropping down the list :( Think I'll wait for warmer weather!

  6. Love that double-handed oven mitt!! I want to make one of those one of these days. :) And your vintage sheets are wonderful. :)


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