Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Organiser Wallet

Hey friends, I whipped up this cute little wallet organiser a few weeks ago and had to share it with you because it's great! I'm constantly needing to jot things down on the go so this is perfect for me and my handbag :) I used the tutorial from the brilliant Vanessa of LBG studio, the step by step was super easy and very straight forward. Though I had to change mine slightly from the instructions as I didn't have any elastic so I added a self-made button and ribbon. Next time I make one (as I'm sure I will do as they would make lovely gifts) I'm going to use elastic - definately more practical. 

Looove this floral fabric by the Windham Storybook collection. I have ideas now to make a bigger version for a recipe book cover. Exciting!


  1. That is such a cute idea!
    Love the fabric!x

  2. EEEKKK, its ADORABLE!! I really love the fabric that you chose! I haven't made one of these yet but it has been on my list since she posted it.

  3. That looks amazing! Such pretty fabrics-I think the button looks really sweet :) Glad you enjoyed the tutorial!

  4. Such a fantastic idea, you have done a lovely job..... it is gorgeous! x

  5. That's the perfect size for throwing in your purse or backpack! Great project!

  6. This book cover is so sweet, I really love the fabrics that you've used.

    Ashley xxx


  8. I think its soo ADORABLE!! and i love the fabric that she chose. it makes it POP out!! How do you make it??

  9. PLEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSE give us the directions that would hold a Steno Pad, since they're readily available for refilling, and cheap! They are also a realistic note taking size for Bible study, school, art classes, all SORTS of stuff. Even my grocery lists (I start my list writing at the BOTTOM of the page, and tear it off part way up as I use a page!!! Frugal Yankee here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks in advance,


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