Tuesday, 28 December 2010

I have some time at home relaxing

I've been catching up with Martha now I have some time at home relaxing ...

I think I'll also have another stab at some crocheting, I'm very much a beginner (even though I'm an Etsy seller of crochet hook and knitting needle organisers - I know!!) and still haven't mastered the technique at all after many failed attempts! If you have any helpful tips for a leftie please let me know! :) p.s. these are all available to buy in my etsy shop now.


  1. I am trying to learn to crochet too! It is harder than I was expecting! I LOVE your cute little cases! :)

  2. They are so beautifull :)Great job! Hugs from Poland

  3. Hola Jessy,
    Have a look at http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/ a lot of tutorial and nice things for crocheting.
    You can not be good at everything... and you definitely are at sewing! I've got one of your cases and it's lovely done.

  4. gorgeous! sadly, i have no crocheting tips. good luck, girl! xo

  5. Wasnt that the most beautiful mag cover?! I have mine on a stand lol! I love to crochet. This lefty has a channel on you tube with TONS of how to's and tips! XO

  6. Thanks for the tip Virginia, I've been looking at the attic24 blog and you're right she has lots of great ideas on there! I loved the Martha cover too Renee!! and I'm off now to check out the youtube video you recommended. Thanks everyone! :) xx


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