Friday, 11 December 2009

Pretty Etsy Packages

I've a had a couple of Etsy sales recently :) slowly getting there lol! and my favourite part has to be packaging them, i love making them really pretty to make my customer feel special :) and since it's Christmas, they're having a lovely festive feel with my handmade holly decoration and kraft tag for a traditional Christmassy look. 

and here's some new fabric i bought today, hmmm... so many things i could do with it! :)
Don't forget i still have my free shipping offer going on in my Etsy shop, and i've been uploading lots of new products if you fancy taking a look!

Do you have an Etsy shop? how have your sales been this December?


  1. Packages look so cute! And I really love all of your products <3
    Hope I will be ready to open my etsy shop soon :(

  2. I bought 300m of bakers twine recently and use it ALL the time - one of my best buys ever! I love your stamp on the jiffy bag! xx

  3. Love the colours - especially the glittery holly leaves. xx


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