Wednesday 14 October 2009

New Logo's, Labels and Stamps!

(Image from: ModernArtStamps)
Do you like this stamp?

I bought it from Etsy to use as my new logo, I'm having it personalised with 'messy jesse' written underneath it :) I'm so excited i can't wait till it's here! I thought it would be nice to make thank you tags with my logo on when i have Etsy sales to post. I picked it because it reminds me of my original Messy Jesse logo - back in the day! i drew one of those triangle girls, do you know what i mean? my mum used to draw them for me when i was young, they used to have little triangle dresses and a cute bob like i used to :) so anyway, that's why i chose this!

and here is a design i made up for my new sew-in cotton labels. I'm going to stitch them into all my handmade sewing projects, cool huh! :) thought they would make my products look nice and professional. I found them on Etsy too, you can really buy everything! on there! good price too, i have shopped around for a while and thought these were the best deal. 


  1. It all look's really exciting hunni
    well done


  2. Love the labels!!!and the logo too... the perfect proffesional touch

  3. oh i would to have my own label :3

    love it ^^

  4. LOVE the idea of adding personalized logos to your products & packages. My sister in-law recently purchased logo tags to add to the items she sews & it makes them look so professional!

  5. I wanted to say hello - just found your blog. I love the name tags!

  6. I really do love your blog - it´s one of the few I always look at.
    Where did you get the sew in labels ?


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