Thursday 1 October 2009

Make it Monday: Quilted Make-Up Pouch!

Hello friends! Here is a belated 'make it Monday' weekly feature, better late than never eh! i made this quilted make-up pouch for my friend Laura's birthday :) she loves all my handmade things so i needed to make her something really special, and personalised with her initial! 
Piping in a circular disc for the edging, proved to be quite difficult! i had a lot of hand sewing to get it nice and tight to both sides of the fabric before i finished it off with the sewing machine..

i appliqued her initial with some red fabric and a felt background, finished with pom pom trims and embroidery anglaise - because she's a girly girl like me :)
The whole thing is quilted with lovely cotton wadding to make it nice and snug, i also put a handle on the end, which is filled with wadding as well..

She loved it! I'm so pleased, i love making nice handmade presents for family and friends :)


  1. Oh that is stunning! If you ever want to do a swappie with me let me know, but sigh, I am afraid my stuff is no where near as cool as yours!

  2. ah so kind of you, thanks :) i've never done a swap before i think i may have to look into it! :)

  3. You're friend is so lucky to have an awesome friend and giftmaker in her life like you! This is too cute, love the initial and its trim!


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