Friday, 23 October 2009

Baker's Twine & Pretty Packaging

Who doesn't love baker's twine? it's having such a revival recently huh!? I have bought 300 metre's of the stuff this week! I thought it would be nice to wrap my Etsy sales in :) with lovely tissue paper . . oooh nice!

1. tiny card sets, 2. packaging:, 3. DSC_6993, 4. Present for Jenny, 5. Bakers Twine Samples Top, 6. Apple Green Bakers Twine LOVE
be perfect to wrap up christmas presents too! :) 

Have a great weekend friends! 


  1. it is yummy isn't it. My step dad is a butcher and can get his hands on it quite easily. I've been storing it up for wraping christmas presents I thought I'd go for the brown paper packages tied up with string look this year.

  2. perfect! that will look beautiful! :)

  3. oh my gosh you have an absolutely beautiful blog and this is a wonderful post! Twine is so pretty even though its kind of a plain "ribbon" but it really can make your packages pretty cant it??
    If you would like please come visit me at and enter my current giveaway. I try to have a new and AMAZING giveaway every Monday so I hope you decide to become a follower so you don't miss out!

  4. I have just fallen head over heals with this. I am a real ribbon collector but I adore this twine now.
    I have a little surprise for you on my tiny blog.
    Take care

  5. lovely blog.
    This is going to look amazing!
    Tomorrow x

  6. oh so that's what its called! love the way you spelled out 'love'!
    by the way I found your blog on a list in one of our mutual flickr groups.
    I'll be back!

  7. I love this stuff. I just ordered some goodies from the hooray design shop and from Nice Package.

  8. I've only ever seen it in red before, but the green is lovely.

  9. Oh yes it is sweet - would be nice for Christmas presents too.

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