Sunday, 12 August 2012

Fabric Destash!

Hi folks, I've been having a loooong overdue tidy in the sewing room today and I'm having a bit of a fabric destash. I can't see myself using these fabrics in the near future so I thought I would offer up my loot to you guys for a fair price :) plus I could really do with the ££££!! - to buy new fabric of course ;)
1. Left: red colourways x2 fat quarters and x2 metre pieces £8 plus shipping
2. Right: blue colourways almost x6 fat quarters inc. Amy Butler, Tanya Whelan, MM flannel £5 plus shipping 
3. Left: green colourways definately more than x10 fat quarters £8 plus shipping
4. Right: pink colourways almost x7 fat quarters inc. Tanya Whelan, Moda, Amy Butler, Nicey Heather Bailey, Ta Da dots by Michael Miller £6 plus shipping SOLD
5. Left: yellow colourways x5 fat quarters £6 plus shipping SOLD
6. Right: pink colourways x2 fat quarters, x1 metre, x2 (multiple metres, more than 2 metres definately!) £12 plus shipping SOLD
Above: x4 metres pink and red dot fabric £12 plus shipping SOLD
Above: These are all at least half a metre in length. Priced £5 per metre (£2.50 for half metre) plus shipping.

Please drop me an email at: with your paypal email address and I will send you an invoice for the total. Hope you see something you like!

Please spread the word! You know how much we like grabbing a fabric bargin ;)

Jessie, xo


  1. So many pretty fabrics. :o)

  2. Lovely Lovely tempting
    got to give this some thought as you know I live in Spain so extra for post although I think those prices are certainly a bargain.
    But as for spreading the word I can put a button and link on my blog if you like?

    Amanda :-)

  3. Ok ok, I give! I have no willpower against pretty fabrics. I'm buying 1 and 4. I sent you an email.

  4. Hello!I e mailed you on sunday - I don't know if you've received it? (re. 4 and 5)

  5. Hi Belinda, I didn't receive your email on Sunday unfortunately and I can't reply to your comment as your email address is not visable in your blogger profile. Are you able to email me again with your details? Thanks!

  6. Strange! I've e mailed you again.


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