Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Recent Flickr Fav's

Some of my recent Flickr favourite's, aren't they pretty :) I would LOVE a big proper storage system like these to store all of my fabric's, guess I'll have to dream about it until i have my own house . . . 
1. Fabric storage, 2. Kraft Boxes, 3. Our kitchen, 4. Pink home office
1. Vintage threads stored in glass jars, 2. sakura, 3. Japanese patchwork book bag, 4. finished!


  1. Ooooh, I love the first one - but is anyone really that tidy?! I aspire to have a workspace like that one day but it would only stay like that for the first 10 mins, then chaos would take over again!!

  2. I agree, I would love some nice storage like this! Thanks for including my kraft boxes. I also like your new blog layout!

  3. no problem alli michelle, they're so cute :) thank's for noticing the new layout too, it took me ALL day Wednesday to work it out!? though i wish the right-hand column was a little bit over, it seems a little squished..

  4. Oh, I love that photo of the vintage threads in glass jars! So sweet! Makes me want to organize and display my sewing tools!


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