Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Flickr Fav's

Just worked out how to do a Flickr mosaic! i feel so clever :) so i thought I'd share some of my recent Flickr favourite's . .  enjoy! 

1. Hasenbande, 2. Cabbage Roses and Cath, 3. Sewing Spot, 4. The Take-along Project, 5. Needlebook and Pincushion, 6. Cupcake pincushion sewing pattern, 7. What I'm Up To, 8. Untitled, 9. Crochet Coasters

p.s. feel free to link your Flickr photostream in the comment section below, i love browsing everyone's photo's and adding new contacts :) 


  1. Well done. Very colourful mosaic. x

  2. I love your mosaic. I am about to set out on that adventure and try to work it out myself. Any tips?

  3. thank you :) i used this place to get my mosaic, just an easy tip - remember to use a space in your flickr username (if you have one) like mine is 'messy jesse' not 'messyjesse' took me ages to figure out why it wasn't working! :) hope this helps..

  4. Thanks. It's not quite as simple as it sounds is it. I worked it out and the site you recommended was great.

    Thanks again

  5. oh I love this



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